Not for the kids: Sexopoly board game brings a little adult fun to Monolopy


From kid-friendly games to games that are about as kid-friendly as the Dr Pepper Facebook campaign… With Sexopoly the clue’s in the name. It’s like Monopoly but about the sex industry, not real estate.

You can chose to buy up DVD distributors (2000), Lingerie Wholesaler (1000) Adult dating websites (4000), or a Magazine Publishers (1000) and financial penalty squares include late tax return fees.. (there’s probably something meaningful in the

There are squares where you pick up a Question card or a Risky or Frisky Card which can.. “help or hinder your progress, the cards will try to relieve you of your money, clothes and inhibitions & even tempt you with more riches by having to perform sexy challenges.”

What sort of Questions are there? Well, quite tricky ones actually – what city is Romeo & Juliet set in? (Verona) What’s the practice where a woman is married to more than one man? (Polyandry).

And the Frisky challenges? well those include eating food off another contestant’s stomach and taking someone’s temperature without a thermometer (omg).

There’s also one square called the Dungeon though what happens there we don’t know.

We quote: “Sexopoly is a board game of strategy & luck, to be played by couples, friends & very good friends! For everyone who enjoys intimate & sexy games this is the chance to lose those inhibitions & have some fun!”

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Anna Leach


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