Welcome to Shiny World! or How to make your own Theme Park

Some people have pools in their back gardens. Others have Croquet sets. At Shiny we want to go one better. We want a theme park! So we got our ace intern Jacob Burns on the case to source one for us. Here’s what he came up with. I have a feeling though that a chat with the bank manager, as well as a garden extension, might also be required.

So welcome to Shiny World!

Every theme park needs a roller coaster or two. Here’s an amazing website where there are plenty for sale.

Togo Ultra Twister
Price: N/A (You have to ring the owner for a deal)
Togo Ultra Twister.jpg

The Togo Ultra Twister has six passengers per car and seven cars. It is mostly a tube shaped roller coaster and because of that you get barrel spun over and over again.

Reverchon Wild mouse Price: N/A (ring owner for deal)

Reverchon Wild Mouse.jpg

The Reverchon Wild Mouse is a used rollercoaster that has nine cars and you can fit four people per car. As it goes through the dips and bumps it constantly spins you around confusing you. If you want to see it in action check this video.

Miler Coaster Company Kersplash Water Coaster
Price: $565,000

Miler Coaster Company Kersplash Water Coaster.JPG

The Miler Coaster Company Kersplash Water Coaster has eight cars and has four people per car. A fully functioning water – based ride is exactly what your park needs with its sudden dips and corners.

Now you have your three roller coasters its time for some slightly less insane rides.

Two Storey Carousel Price: $350,000

Two story carousel.JPG

Every theme park has to have a Carousel but this is a 2 STOREY CAROUSEL ! This baby has 32 seats and costs $350,000. Also it has Dragons, Hippos, Dolphins, Sea Lions, Panda Bears, Zebras and Horses as seats.

Barbieri Bumper Cars
Price: $170,000

Barbieri Bumper Cars.JPG

Every theme park needs bumper cars. The Barbieri Bumper Cars is roughly 14 x 24 m, has 24 cars in total and costs $170,000!

Chance Space Shuttle Price: $40,000

To see the picture follow the link.

The Chance Space Shuttle is like those banana/ pirate rides that swing side to side and, from looking at the picture, it looks like you can get four people per row and with six rows – that’s 24 people in total.

Zamperla Drop Tower Price: €220,000 / $276,940

Zamperla drop tower.jpg

The Zamperla Drop Tower is one of those rides that goes up slowly, then waits for about 10 – 15 seconds then drops you down to the ground using magnetic brakes to stop you from crashing. Now the link to the website has a picture of it but to me it looks like its on fire! It says its also 15 metres tall.

Arcadia Wild West Show Price: €120,000 / $151,028

Again follow the link for the picture.

The Arcadia Wild West Show is like a fun house styled ride. You sit in a carrige and you go round it and a little story unfolds.

Now you have roller coasters and rides, so what else? How about a ticket booth?

Ticket Booth Price: $22,500 (for 3)

ticket booth.jpg

Theres not much to say about a ticket booth really but it has new glass, stainless counter tops and the tires are in good condition.

So you think you’ve got it all covered, until your stomach rumbles that is. That’s why you need a food kiosk:

Waymatic Food Trailer Price: $40,000

Food Kiosk.JPG

The Waymatic Food Trailer is themed for lemonade, chicken wings, sausage on a stick and Nachos.

And there it is, your very own theme park that you can actually buy! Excluding the first two roller coasters (which don’t have listed prices) the whole park will cost $1,617,335! (oh and excluding the land space too).



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