Digital radio got sexier, retro Marshall Radio from Pure now has iPod connection

Those who like their audio equipment retro will appreciate the black vinyl, brass control panel and cursive logo of Pure’s new EVOKE-1S Marshall radio.

A scuffed black outcase, cream button panel and a “fierce” yellow on black display give it a rugged retro glamour.

It’s a digital radio that picks up FM as wel, it has a port you can connect your iPod or MP3 player to and a headphone jack if you want to listen more quietly.

The EVOKE-1s runs off mains, though you can buy (as an extra) a ChargePak which let your recharge it and run the

Pure are a leading brand in digital radio and this is one of their big products.

Pure tell us they have beefed up the audio a notch and add that: “just like its predecessor, the volume dial goes up to 11”.

Of course – you pay for the nice design and the radio costs £119.99, with the ChargePak E1 a further £29-40 depending where you buy it.

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Anna Leach