Canon launches new HD camera LEGRIA HF M32 with massive storage

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If you’re a Canon fan and need to store HD video at super high quality, this new LEGRIA camcorder could be the one for you.

Launched today, the key feature on the new camera is the massive 64GB internal flash memory. Then there’s also an SDXC memory card slot and with SDXC cards capable of storing up to an incredible 2TB, that’s pretty much all the memory you could ever need. Even if you’re shooting in the highest quality.

It all lets you shoot for longer between downloads.

The M32 is the fourth camera in the LEGRIA HF M range, and in common with the other models, it’s compact, easy-to-use and features a 2.7″ touchscreen viewer which lets you select settings, track moving subjects and operate the x18 zoom.

On the sharing to the internet side, there’s an in-camcorder HD-to-SD conversion tool combines with an Easy Web Upload feature to allow clips to be transferred to YouTube with the minimum of effort.

LEGRIA HF M32 Key features
• 64GB Dual Flash Memory, SDXC support and Relay Recording
• Easy HD Shooting
• 6.8cm (2.7″) Touch-screen LCD
• Video Snapshot
• 3.3MP Canon HD Camera System
• Dynamic OIS and Powered IS
• Easy sharing
• Pre REC, 25p Cinema Mode
• Superior audio
• Creative options

The Canon HD camera – LEGRIA HF M32 – will be available from Sept 2010
And view the current LEGRIA HF M range on

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  • The new connon camcorder come with incredible features and good quality video .

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