Antenn-Aid for iPhone 4: the antennae jokes don't stop


Is there anything the human race won’t stick on the side of an iPhone? We’ve seen duct tape, pistol-shaped plywood, forks and vinyl. And now, this. Well TBH, the release of an iPhone 4 sticking plaster isn’t much of a surprise.

So meet Antenn-Aid, iPhone 4-correcting and amusingly designed to look like a plaster. Americans, and it seems Australians, Canadians and Indians tend to use the brand name Band-Aid to describe any plaster, see Wikipedia here, so this joke is more amusing to them, but we’ll bear with them on this one.

Look – it’s exactly calibrated to fit the width of the iPhone strip and comes in six colours – “colours you can see with the human retina” as the site boasts, (that might be a jibe at the weird fruit gum colours Apple favours, or more likely the iPhone’s retina screen.)

They say that the adhesion is “world class”.

At only $4.99, it’s slightly more expensive than buying a normal “band-aid” and taking a pair of scissors to it.

Anna Leach

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