Vuzix Wraps – the video specs – go for the cool factor but it's not quite there..

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Augmented Reality spectacles – Vuzix Wraps – have just been released with a range of coloured screens. The clip-on screens come in red, blue, amber, and mirror and are branded as a fashion range. They make the AR specs look more like sunglasses and so a little bit cooler than they currently do.

It’s a step towards making the techie darling gadget into something the average consumer might be more interested in. Currently walking around with the black wired in headpiece would make you look more Inspector Gadget than movie star.

Vuzix Specs project video on the inside of the screens meaning you can plug them into a phone or other mobile device and watch video on the specs. In theory it gives the impression of sitting in front of a widescreen TV.

In practice, I think it’s gonna take more than some coloured plastic to make these go mainstream. The idea is fantastic but given the limitations of the device – jumpy image, incompatibility with Apple products, inability to play certain sorts of files.. and a hefty price tag, there’s still a lot of development to come before these are a worthwhile purchase.

We did a review here and weren’t particularly impressed.

The clip-on colour screens are $19.99 for one or $49.95 for all four. See more on

Anna Leach