Shiny Video Review: Vuzix Wrap – the tv glasses

Video Eyewear that simulates a widescreen effect through two tiny TVs placed in front of your eyes is a brilliant idea, but does it work? Anna gives a verdict on the £249 Vuzix Video iWear 920 glasses.

Vuzix Wrap 920s, £249 from iWOOT

Anna Leach


  • Rax hello,
    good questions. The sound was fine, there are two earphone attachments in either side of the glasses – you have to use the proprietary earphones. Not incredible but equivalent of a phone.

    There are several different connectors for attaching the controller to your video device. If you have a 3.5mm AV output port on your laptop then you could, yes. I only had audio output on mine, so couldn’t.
    while the device does come with an iPhone/iPod attachment, it doesn’t work with iPhones due to a restriction which means Apple won’t let you put the display onto another screen. (disappointing).

    Three connectors available were:
    – 3.5mm av cable
    – an iphone/pod connector
    – a three headed cable with video and L&R sound attatchments that would fit to a xbox for eg..

    I’ll most more info when we find anything else out.

  • Hi Anna

    Thanks for the review. I’ve been wanting to try a pair of these (or previous incarnations) on for a while. What’s the sound like, and are you able to plug in a laptop, for example?

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