The GoCycle – a demo

Well, we’ve all got excuses for not cycling more. “It’s cold”, “I’ve lost my helmet” and “it’s a 30 mile round trip” (well that last one is fair) but with environmental concerns and better bike lane provision, bike use has crept up in Britain over the past few years.

Anyway, one ingenious gadget that might tempt you away from the car more is the GoCycle a battery-assisted bike. What with it being National Cycling week next week, we thought it was time to revisit this invention first launched in 2009.

You can pedal it as normal but hold the power button on the left handlebar down to give you an extra boost. You can keep it pressed on at all times and it speeds up your performance particularly over long straight patches, or just turn it on when you want a boost coming out of corners or accelerating away from a stop. ANYWAY – here are two of the demonstraters having a little race…

The GoCycle can be bought for £45 a month, or for £1,495 outright. See
It has to be recharged from a mains supply for 3 hours, hits a max speed of 15mph and can last for up to 20 miles, depending on pedal input and terrain.

Anna Leach