The PowerTel M600 – the Loudest Phone in the World

824 M6000 in cradle.jpg
Have you learned to ignore sirens and block out pneumatic drills, bus conversations and in fact most sounds altogether? You’re probably the sort of person who could do with a loud phone. Perhaps with The Loudest Phone in The World. And that, we’re told is the PowerTel M6000.

With a volume button that’ll take the caller beyond 30dBs, and a ring tone to match the Welsh Male Voice Choir (that’s 100dB if you’re wondering), hearing a call won’t be a problem.

The PowerTel isn’t for everyone, but as they point out, ideal for noisy environments like shopping centres or industrial area’s, and for those whose hearing isn’t what it used to be.

Apparently the vibrate mode is “bone-rattling” too. This phone will not get lost. Unless the battery dies of course.

The other specs are a bit more middle of the road – the M6000 is advertised as having big buttons, a loud hand-free speaker, text messaging, 500-name phone book and Bluetooth.

It’s also got a uh “Man Down” fall detector and hidden “SOS” panic button. Well lets just say it’s not direct competition for the iPhone.

PowerTel M6000, £119 from silverphone

Anna Leach