Gnome bowling anyone?

summerfun.jpgIt’s long been a dream of mine to play bowling using gnomes as skittles.

Sadly gnomes don’t actually exist, and using children might be construed as “cruel” or “distasteful”. Luckily for us, the lovely people at I want one of those have released a six pin gnome bowling kit!

Joy. Of. Joys. Now I can hurl balls at gnomes in my back garden to my heart’s content, and so can you! They’re only £29.99 and when you’re not bowling at them, who’s to say you can’t afix them with webcams and place them around your garden to create a sophisticated security network?

To compliment your neat new gnome bowling game why not pick up a set of AQ wireless outdoor speakers too? These bassy three watt speakers hook up to anything with a 3.5mm headphone jack, and for £89.99, they’re cheaper than most of the half-arsed wireless speakers we’ve come across in the past. They’re weather-ressisatant too, which is handy if mother nature decides to scupper your BBQ.