Nokia release pedal-powered phone charger

Passive energy harnessing. Prepare to hear those three words a lot over the coming few years, and prepare to see more products like this one released today:

The Nokia Bicycle Charger DC-14. A natty little phone-holder and bottle dynamo that fits on your push bike and charges your phone while you roll.

It’ll only start charging once you hit 3mph, which shouldn’t be too difficult, though it’ll stop charging if you hit 31mph, which to be fair, you’re not likely to be, unless your some sort of fear-gobbling, fixie-riding, adrenalin pilfering, chin-sack.

The DC-14 will charge any Nokia sporting the 2mm charge port, otherwise known as “the little Nokia charger” — your E72 or your X6s etc…

Nokia, the zany Fins, reckon it’ll make a perfect Ovi Maps companion, though we wouldn’t recommend scrutinsing a map whilst in transit. Nor would we recommend pumping out tunes from your phone’s speakers as Nokia suggest you might like to — it’s antisocial on the bus, and it’s still antisocial on a bike.

Apparently it’ll be available to buy from selected retailers and online by the end of the year, you know, during the winter bit, when everyone has locked their bikes away.



  • It’s about time. The last time I saw one of these dynamo phone chargers was when I bought my sony ericsson in 2005 but unfortunately the company had gone out of business so I couldn’t buy one. Now the problem is it is for Nokia phones and not mine.

  • this maybe a good thing, if alot of cyclists start generating power.. more innovation is needed for sure..
    some places have laws that dont allow bikes/ebikes to have a generator..
    Im taking this a bit further with my own design.. and adding solar panels
    for a hybrid power system
    The Electric & Kinetic Powered Vehicle

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