Urbanears – colourful Scandinavian headphones

703 urbanears.jpg

If you like to make a statement with your headphones you should definitely check out the urbanears range of slender colourful fashion headsets.

If you prefer chunky, hard-wearing headphones, these might be a little too fragile for you, but apparently the sound is good and they do look a treat. If you’ve a got signature colour too, then these are definitely for you.

Their stripped-down designs are available in a huge range of colours – 14 each.

Urbanears come in two styles – the ‘Tanto’ (a homage to the 80s walkman headphones) and the ‘Plattan’ (over-ear design).

They say:
“Both designs feature remote control / microphone, mobile phone compatibility and an enriched sound performance, alongside unique textures, fabrics and colours to create a ‘part garment, part headphone’. The ‘Plattan’ design also has a ‘Zound’ plug – a patented technology which allows a friend or family member to plug in and share your music wherever you are!”

703 urbanears_plattan_light_green_highres.jpg

They’re on sale in Urban Outfitter shops in the UK or from the website here
£34.99 for the Tanto
£54.99 for the Plattan

Anna Leach