Shiny Poll: Do you poke anymore?

702 poke.jpg

It used to be the funny thing to do on Facebook. If you didn’t have anything to say to your friends, you’d just poke them, perhaps you were being ironic, perhaps you were trying to initiate a carnal relationship, perhaps you were just saying hi – whatever, the poke was always fun because it was so ambiguous. The poke feature usually turned up in any media report of Facebook in the early days partly because of its dodgy sexual connotations, partly because it just sounded funny.

but now – does anyone poke anymore..?

There’s obviously a lot of other ways to engage on Facebook: post on the wall, message, chat, comment, like, tag in a link, tag in a photo/video, share a link… the list goes on. We just wanted to know whether you all still poke?

Anna Leach


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