Top 10 launch day iPad apps

ipad-app-store-wide-fit.jpgSo unless you’ve been living in a drawer, on a moon, orbiting another planet, in a far away galaxy, you’ll know that Apple today launched its iPad on a thoroughly suspecting British public.

Apple’s flagship Regent Street store played host to the grand unveiling, and of course, Shiny’s Anna was in attendance. She met a lovely man called Elvis. and a bloke who’d queued up all night to sell his iPad on eBay. While, I, being a blogger of easy virtue was also at the store covering it for a another blog. The shame.

The launch itself was a vaguely underwhelming affair despite combining two of our nation’s favourite past-times, technology and queuing.

And while all the japes down at London’s Apple HQ were fun for some, it’s the device itself we all care more about, and to that ends I’ve decided to provide you the best launch day apps.



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