SmartSwipe – a USB gadget that cuts time and fraud when paying online

719 card swipe.jpg
A clever gadget aimed at reducing credit card fraud: SmartSwipe plugs into a USB port on your computer and lets you swipe your card to enter its details on a site, instead of having to type them in each time.

A USB gadget that is actually useful, it will be sold by Firebox from June. Firebox say it makes paying online easier and safer: “Simply swipe your card and click ‘confirm’ via the onscreen purchase wizard and your encrypted details will appear in the relevant boxes. The only detail you’ll need to add is your 3-digital security code.”

The cyber criminal tactic that the SmartSwipe cuts down on is when the record of your keystrokes is hacked and someone accessing your computer remotely is able to tell what buttons you push in your keyboard, allowing them to work out the passwords and numbers that you enter in.

So, SmartSwipe is not fraud-proof, but it does look like a sensible way of reducing that type of cyber-crime. And would be easier to use than having to type your number in multiple times.

Firebox tell us that SmartSwipe is compatible with nearly all websites that take credit/debit card details.

We think £69.99 is a little pricey for this gadget, though it does sound useful.

SmartSwipe will be available from FireBox from June, for £69.99

Anna Leach