Get some *fun* electric shocks from the Shocking Memory UFO game from Brando

707 ShockingMemory_04_640x.jpg

If a device that gives you electric shocks to help jog your memory sounds like a torture implement used in far-flung corners of Afghanistan, well maybe it is, but it’s also a board game to be played for fun and sold by Brando.

The Shocking Memory UFO is a saucer-shaped plastic dish with electric touch pads. The buttons on the top of the UFO light up in a sequence, you have to remember the sequence and touch the right panels in the right order. Hit a wrong panel and you get a shock.

Described as an “EXTREME FUN game” it comes with the notice: “WARNING: This is Not a toy for children. This product emits an electric shock.”

It takes AA batteries though so it’s unlikely to be an industrial strength shock.

Might be one for people who find board games boring and crave a bit of adrenalin (pain) in their table-based entertainment.

Shocking Memory UFO $24.99 from Brando, intl shipping available.

Anna Leach