Google AdSense – finally reveals who gets the money

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Google finally coughed up a few stats on the mysterious topic of who makes money from Google AdSense. Well we all know Google does, but this cleared up the percentages and showed how the pie divides up:

Revenue goes 68% to publishers for content ads, 51% for search ads. Google said they had decided to publish the figures in the interest of transparency.

Explaining the split for revenue on content publishers – ie. blogs and news-sites:

“AdSense for content publishers, who make up the vast majority of our AdSense publishers, earn a 68% revenue share worldwide. This means we pay 68% of the revenue that we collect from advertisers for AdSense for content ads that appear on your sites. The remaining portion that we keep reflects Google’s costs for our continued investment in AdSense […] Since launching AdSense for content in 2003, this revenue share has never changed.”

And as for search partners they said this:

“We pay our AdSense for search partners a 51% revenue share, worldwide, for the search ads that appear through their implementations. The AdSense for search revenue share has remained the same since 2005, when we increased it.”

See the full post on the Google adsense blog.

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[via the buzzmachine]
Anna Leach