10 Funny Pictures of When Google Adsense Ads go wrong

Google Adsense. It’s got fans and it’s got detractors. Google have been running the service since 2003 and it automatically serves up ads to web users based on what words they searched for or what site they’re browsing

Some people like the money it brings in, some people criticise it for bringing in a pittance while looking kind of ugly. Some of us just revel in the damn odd connections that it makes, while being a little weirded out by the fact that Google is profiling us according to our search terms. If you’re on Gmail, you get this even worse, ’cause Google skims your emails for common words. No google! just because I said “date” in an email doesn’t mean I’m a “lonely single”! No!

Anyway, after trawling the internetz, here are a few prize screen-grabs of when Google Adsense has got it wrong…

Anna Leach


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