FitFinder – what students are really doing in the library: checking people out and moaning

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So it’s exam season in universities and students across the country are.. revising? No! they’re using a new website (appropriately enough called FitFinder) to check out other students in the library. You can share your crush with the rest of the Library, but interestingly a lot of the messages are complaints about people making too much noise. Well I guess some people do go to the Library to work.

To “add a fittie” or make a comment, find your university location and then add messages like “Law Library Male, Brunette hair. hottie wandering aimlessly up and down the second floor in the weird shorts and the blue and white striped tee. come wander aimfullly in me.”

It’s a smart idea. The mind tends to wander when revising thermodynamics/medieval French and having a website where you can idly perve over people nearby would really help the time fly. Invented by a third year computer science student at UCL, it sort of takes off Facebook in its uni structure and FF logo.

Some prize comments so far:

Robinson Library Male, Redhead hair. ‘strawberyblonde’ hair although losing it -collar popped- real wannabe essexboy, despite ur aging years u can still park your fiesta in my garage any day [from Cambridge]

Main Library (Cafe) Male, Redhead hair. This ginger bombshell I saw in a FANTASTIC rendition of grease. Looks dashing with gelled hair. Tell me more tell me more….. [from Loughborough]

Other users can chip in with helpful comments – “oh ben? no he’s gay i hear, shame.”
And some people just use the forum to vent their frustration at people with irritating coughs or loud voices:

Male, Black hair. Some chinese man with the most annoying cough in the world….shut the **** up

Hey – some people did actually come to the library to work. This could get used for wrong too, some of the threads get pretty vindicative, check out the but anyway, it’s all fun and games for the meantime and you can report comments that go too far.

Back in my day, I didn’t actually take my laptop to the library – because I wrote stuff down – but that’s a story for the history books. So who’s going to make a FitFinder for the rest of us then?

Anna Leach


  • It’s all fun and games for the meantime and you can report comments that go too far.

  • So glad someone is finally taking fitfinder as a piece of fun, tired of all the articles blaming it as a forum for sexists and racists. Its just a product of students being bored in the library and shouldn’t be taken seriously!

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