Why the touchy-feely ooh factor is the iPad's killer weapon

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Seems from the initial reports that the iPad is packing some of the wow-factor that fans have been so ardently expecting.

No – as we all knew it hasn’t got amazing specs or incredible hardware but from the sounds of things, the user experience is a pleasurable treat.

Apple are putting the killer hardware where people are going to notice it.. in the screen visuals and the touchscreen, it responds to the lightest of brushes and the crystal clear screen glows like a gem.

Xeni Jardin of Boing Boing got a bit gooey over it: “Typography is crisp, images gem-like and speed is brisk thanks to Apple’s A4 chip and solid state storage.”

The Apple wow-factor usually sticks around too. It continues to please on iPhone and sounds like the iPad takes that to the next level. Jardin again:
“With iPad the interface seems to disappear. One is less aware of an operating system, and more aware of the experiences and information that that system is there to deliver. And that’s what we wanted the internet to feel like all along. We just want it to work..”

And if as we really suspect the iPad is a multimediasofa gadget, then this emphasis on pleasurable intuitive use will appeal to the great hordes of people who love the internet but just want a really natural easy way to access it.

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Anna Leach


  • At the end of the day, Apple does marketing like no other – and the fact that the iPad will be a simple, easy to use (even if the features leave a LOT to be desired from any computer enthusiast) machine will immediately put techno-phobes at ease. Despite the inevitable initial surge of sales, however, I don’t expect it to go anywhere.

  • Drat- Thanks to Obama and his Hope & Change- I am unemployed and destitute. No new toys for me…
    (Don’t they need a “woman on the street” using one everywhere, drumming up business? I could do that!

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