The New iPhone 4G's case and hardware…

That stray iPhone prototype found on the floor of a bar in Redwood has produced sheaves of videos. Here’s a quick 10 second look around the case. The most significant difference seems to be a slightly broader and flatter silver band around the outside which brings the iPhone in line with the design of the iPad.

Oh and a front-facing camera, but you can’t really glimpse that on the quick flash of the front screen that the video shows. Pretty smooth though and a little more angular than what we’re used to..

Anna Leach

One thought on “The New iPhone 4G's case and hardware…

  • It has been over a year since a public spectacle unfolded surrounding a prototype iPhone 4 that was lost in a bar and ended up featured on Gizmodo, the technology blog. the San Mateo County district attorney overseeing the case, announced that two California men would be charged with misappropriation of lost property for not returning the iPhone to Apple and instead selling it to Gizmodo.

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