Shiny Poll: is this year's iPhone 4G upgrade as hot as last year's?

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If Gizmodo’s lost iPhone 4G is the real thing (and it looks like it is..) then we’ve already got all the details of the 4G upgrade. But it seems like the upgrade this time round is less exciting than last year’s.

The shift from the 3G to the 3Gs brought video capabilities and the ability to see augmented reality apps. A big gear change that this year’s upgrade can’t really match.

These are the key 4G hardware updates:
1) Front-facing camera
2) Better quality camera
3) Better battery life
4) Slimmer and slightly less rounded

Sure I’m definitely keen on the slimmer size and the better battery and camera but it’s not revolutionary. It’s the front-facing camera that has got people excited, but still will people use video phone calls when they have Skype? Will the mobile networks cope with all that extra data flying around?

Are you impressed enough to shell out for the new handset?

Anna Leach