Shiny Poll: Would you kiss your computer screen? UH…?

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Well LOLs are flying around the internet today. It is April Fools if you hadn’t noticed; social networking sites are even more full of weird stuff than ususal and let me tell you the press releases are something else today.

Here’s a fine example. The Perfect Kiss software programme by Avenquest.

The Perfect Kiss from Avanquest claims it can improve your kissing technique in 20 days guaranteed. So the gist is that you practise with one of a hundred pairs of “very realistic” on-screen lips, it gives you tips on what you’re doing and you gradually become some perfect kiss maestro. Ickily, it promises to come with a box of screenwipes.

While it is, in some ways ludicrous, it does raise the important question. Would you kiss your computer screen? Would you reader? Would you?

The Perfect Kiss, £39.99 from Avenquest [JOKE]

Anna Leach

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