Gallery: Five iPad Apps to look out for from the iPad store leak

Leaked on App Advice is 2.55min video of someone looking through the Apple iPad store. Apparently 700 apps have been approved and the video flicks through the store scanning the ranks of Pad apps.

Though fears that apps would get more expensive seem to be founded, lots are still free. A couple of trends I notice are: a lot of travel apps under the Navigation category (Hanoi Street Map, Sailing Holland Deluxe etc); quite a few education and language learning apps; and lots of Twitter ones (Twitterific, Tweet Stream).

Yes and lest you think things have got too serious with the iPad’s association with Conde Nast and the New York Times – rest assured all the silly stuff is there too: apps called Hamster the Game and Sounds That Drive You Crazy should cater to the silly app market on iPad.

Ones flashed up in the video include:
Ping – free instant messaging for iPhone to iPhone chats (free)
Top Gun – a first person jet shooter game ($4.99)

Video below. See our highlights in the gallery underneath that

[App Advice, via Mashable]

Anna Leach