Chairless: a nylon strap that's also a chair

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If you thought a chair had four legs and a seat of some sorts, this new invention from high-end German furniture firm Vitra looks like an unlikely sort of sitting aid.

The Chairless is a nylon strap which you slide over you back and knees and makes it easier to sit on the floor, sort of.

It does perform one of a chair’s normal functions – letting you lean back without falling over. Chairless however doesn’t perform other key functions: things like raising you off the ground and making it easier to eat from tables.

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Still. Something for festivals? Hikes up mountains? Apparently this invention by designer Alejandro Aravena was inspired by a picture of an Paraguayan Indian sitting with such a strap and he designates his device as an invention for the modern nomad.

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Chairless is from, the first batch has sold out, but a new ones are expected in June.

[via Engadget]
Anna Leach


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