Yes it is Art: Into the Pixel exhibition looks at the Art of Video Games

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It’s not likely you’ll be able to pop over to see the start of the exhibition in San Francisco tomorrow, but it’s cool taking a look at the site which features work from previous Into the Pixel collections.

It’s the world’s only exhibition that brings together experts from both the fine art establishment and the interactive entertainment industry to explore the art of the video game, say the founders.

“THE VIDEO GAME ART SHOW is an homage to the thumb-muscle-building mechanisms that babysat us in the seventies and eighties” says curator Mark Doffing.

“All the artists in this show had a literal connection to video games — so its not surprising that old-school gaming iconography should show up in their art. In turn, they continue to re-invent the aesthetics that interactive designers look to as ‘cutting edge. The connections between NEW ART and video games cannot be overstated.”

Into the Pixel site here

Anna Leach