TigerMail – the Tiger Woods app that deletes those embarrassing sex-ts

240 tigermail thumb.jpgDo you just have sex with so many people that it gets a bit hard to manage your text messages? Ever worry that your permanent boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse will flick through your phone one day and find an incriminating text or a that a former hook-up will sell an embarrasing sext to the papers? Don’t worry, Tiger Woods had the same problem.. so the whole shagging around thing didn’t work so well for him, but that’s because he wasn’t using the cunningly named TigerMail app.

240 tigermail.jpg

Yes like that.

Coming to the app store soon, TigerMail allows users to send text messages that “dissolve” from the receiver’s phone screen within 30 seconds of receipt and viewing. You can choose how quickly it vanishes and the message will leave no trace in your sent box. Great for spies, loverats and people who love the ephemeral.


Anna Leach