Spotify comes pre-installed on Sony Ericsson Vivaz

397 spotify-logo thumb.jpg
Music service Spotify will come pre-installed on all Sony Ericsson Vivaz phones sold on the Three network.

Three announced today: “Sony Ericsson Vivaz on 3 comes pre-installed with the Spotify for Symbian application which means you can search and play songs from a list of 6 million when you’re on the move.”

Spotify is service that lets you listen to music in return for either listening to ads or paying a subscription. The app is only available to people who subscribe to Spotify.

Of course anyone could go to the Symbian app store and download the app if they wanted to, but 3 putting it on the home page of this new phone, gives Spotify some serious shelf-space, raises its visibility and cements Spotify’s position as a premier music service.

Featuring a blinging 8 megapixel camera, the Vivaz is sold as a camera phone.

Sony Ericsson Vivaz, available in silver from £35 a month with unlimited internet, texts and 750 anytime any network minutes on a 24month contract – see here for more details

Anna Leach