Smoking hot ad of the day: Schultz jeans..

363 jeans.jpg

I keep getting emails about this new jeans brand. I usually shunt anything about fashion straight out of my inbox and leave that to the lovely ladies over on ShinyStyle, but this Schultz brand has a smoking hot ad campaign that despite myself I kept inadvertently clicking on. Yes, that’s one up there.

It’s like American Apparel but the male models are more naked and muscular. I can see this going down quite well with gay male community, as indeed it seems to have done.

What’s the deal? well you know the scenario these hot guys just like putting those Schultz jeans on and roaming around the desert leaving their fly undone while they pour petrol onto their belts. For some reason they don’t need belts, who knows? who cares? Anyway, I just decided to share it..

See the Schultz site here
Schultz jeans and underwear for men and women

Anna Leach