iPad cases in suede and ballistic nylon from Waterfield

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The device isn’t even in shops yet, but gadget accessory makers are already preparing suede, leather and prettily tooled plastic to receive Apple‘s sleek iPad. We covered some iPad cases here, and Waterfield the San Francisco bag makers just announced two additions to their range of high-end ‘Pad covers.

Available in suede, plastic and (I love this) “nearly indestructible ballistic nylon shell”, these cases are a mix of luxury and fighting batter-proof plastic.

The Waterfield thing is customisation – so you can alter your order on the site – adding shoulder straps, pouches and the orientation of the buckle to the chunky Sleevecase for example.

Four styles are available:

iPad Ultimate SleeveCase – $55-9: this is the ballistic nylon one, with a screen protector and a buckle.

iPad Suede Jacket Sleeve – $19-25: this is a thin sexy one to protect your iPad from the minor bumps and bruises of daily use.

iPad Smart Case – $59: multilayered padding makes this thin but protective

iPad Slip Case – $29: a thin, protective case with light internal padding with impact-resistant plastic keeps your toy safe and sound. Waterproof.

Available in different colours see them all here on SFbags

Anna Leach


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