Sky will work with all 3D TV sets

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Following the announcement of new 3D TV sets, Sky – the main providers of 3D TV content just wanted to make sure that everyone knows that their boxes will work with all 3D TV sets.

So let’s just say that again: Sky boxes will work with all 3D TV sets.

In a bit more detail:

“Sky 3D, its forthcoming 3D TV service and Europe’s first 3D TV channel, will be compatible with all 3D TVs being introduced by Sony, Samsung, Panasonic and LG. Sky 3D will work with both ‘active’ and ‘passive’ 3D formats.

“When connected to a Sky+HD box the new 3D TVs will enable people to watch both high definition (HD) and 3D services.”

Now you know, don’t blame us for not telling ya.

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Anna Leach