Google's Public Data Explorer makes stats into beautiful graphs

Love or hate Google, you gotta admit it provides some of the best web services out there – maps, docs, mail – and all for free. One of the latest tools they’ve released is Public Data Explorer, a way of making important public data into brilliant graphs.

The Data Explorer is a data visualisation tool turning dry as dust spreadsheets into colourful and interactive infographics. Love it. See the fertility v life expectancy chart embedded above.

It works with public data – so information on birth rates, GDP and other info from charities and public bodies. You can’t add your own data, but you can adjust and then embed the graphs.

Google say:
Students, journalists, policy makers and everyone else can play with the tool to create visualizations of public data, link to them, or embed them in their own webpages. Embedded charts and links can update automatically so you’re always sharing the latest available data. Here’s an example of an embedded visualization.

Public Data Explorer is still in Google Labs

[via Businessinsider]
Anna Leach


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