Shiny Poll: would you let an Online Bingo Club sponsor your wedding?

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Okay so this isn’t strictly speaking a technology story but it does show brand advertising Going To The Next Level.

An online Bingo company are offering £5000 to a couple in return for sponsoring their wedding. That means the fiancees get to spend the dosh on the reception, wedding gear or a honeymoon, but in return almost everything from the invitations to the bride’s dress have to bear’s logo.

Okay not everything – only the wedding invitations, table settings and menus. The logo on the dress will be stuck on with velcro. Apparently the bride can take it off for personal photos. I don’t know if she needs it walking up the aisle or not, but even if she doesn’t, this is product placement in the extreme.

“Our logo is really colourful and I think it will stand out well against the backdrop of a traditional white wedding dress.” said Online Bing Club’s CEO.

You bet it will.

Will other website start-ups do this? Will weddings be sponsored by dating sites? Clothes shops? Niche social networks? Perhaps christenings by nappy companies? Who knows. Would you? take our poll:

To enter the competition brides to be must send in pictures of themselves and their partner, a short biography about their relationship and 100 words on what it would mean to them to become the world’s first bingo bride, to [email protected]

For more information please visit .

Anna Leach


  • Haha, is the “The logo on the dress will be stuck on with Velcro” true? It would only page off for the site if everyone at the wedding were eager bingo fans or it was being broadcasted. If you want a wedding so bad and someone was to pay for it with the exception of a few draw backs then beggars can’t be choosers.

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