Quitting cigarettes? there's a (facebook) app for that…

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Facebook could help you stop smoking, if you take advantage of this app and are the sort of person who responds to peer pressure.

WeQuit is a Facebook application that lets you challenge your friends or yourself to quit: set the amount of time you want to quit for, track your progress, bet your mates and earn virtual medals for your progress, if the health benefits aren’t enough to start with, part of the app also lets you donate your spare money to charity.

The project takes the fun aspects of social media gaming and uses them to help people quit smoking. We imagine there’s still a fair amount of will power involved, but hey, it’s free and worth a try huh?

Challenges don’t start until 10th March, no-smoking day, and there are no reviews or dicussions yet, but try it out for yourself on Facebook
See website: www.wequit.co.uk/facebook

Anna Leach