How to get an iPad before they go on sale in the UK…

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A great idea on how to grab an iPad before they go on official sale in the UK. Currently neither the UK price nor the UK preordering has been announced, though the iPad can be ordered for American addresses, through the American store. But instead of sitting around twiddling your thumbs and waiting for the UK release there’s clever of getting your hands on a Pad early by using shipping service BundleBox.

Bundle Box is an online transatlantic shopping service and they have announced that you’ll be able to pre-order an iPad from the US by registering for a free US postal address owned by the service.

When the iPad goes out on the 3rd April, Apple delivers the order to them, they deliver the order to you: simple. Bundle Box says that you’ll receive your iPad “within three days of the highly anticipated 3rd April US launch.”

It might actually be cheaper as well – even adding in the extra delivery costs – the savings you make from paying the dollar price not the pound price could save you £35.

Visit BundleBox here

[via Expert Reviews]
Anna Leach