Hot Roller Wheels, oddly-shaped roller skates give you a new way to fall over

499 HotWheel_02_640x.jpg

Yes, after last week’s look at one weird form of wheel-based transport the Magic One Wheel, here’s another one: Hot Roller wheels.

Billed as the progeny of roller skates and skateboards, these hoops with wheels on the bottom and foot plates on the inside require you to make that wiggly motion that skateboarders do.

To be honest these look pretty tricky, probably best just for pros on very smooth surfaces. You’ll need to watch the video (on the Brando link) to really get it, but unless you’ve got an great sense of balance, or fancy some hair-raising wheelie exploits, I’d stick with skates for the meantime…

499 hot wheel 2.jpg

Hot Roller Wheels, $99 from Brando

Anna Leach