Mirrorme, Facebook app that reminds you of aging and death, wins Guardian award

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Interesting but gruesome Facebook application MirrorMe won the Guardian’s media innovation award for apps and gadgets last night at their media awards.

MirrorMe splices a photo of a user with a mock-up of how they will look in the future. It’s supposed to “promote healthy lifestyles in the young adult population” by factoring in an overview of their bad habits and supposedly making creating a personalised effects for ageing, binge drinking, drug abuse, sun damage, obesity and smoking. In reality, it’s just a grim reminder of age and death.

Even if you live in a vaselined box for 30 years drinking spring water you are still gonna get old and die. We all are! – thanks for reminding me MirrorMe. All I wanted to do was to post my opinion about Gossip Girl on my friend’s status and now I’m off in an existential tailspin.

It’s enough to turn you to drink. Which is the opposite of what it’s all supposed to do.

Apparently Guardian Media Judges said: “It’s new, usable, popular and therefore has social value and empowers kids on making decisions about their future.”

Maybe this doesn’t work because I’m not a kid but let me tell you, after 3 minutes on this app I don’t feel empowered, more snared in the cruel trap of mortality. LOL. Not.

Anna Leach


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