A Facebook app for iPhone apps? yes that now exists

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There’s now a Facebook app for what iPhone apps you have. Yes hold your head tight. That sounds confusing but it is quite simple and makes a lot of sense.

Made by Vitrue (blog post here), the app links your Facebook profile up to your iTunes account showing your friends what iPhone apps you have downloaded.

Vitrue say:

“Both the App Store and Facebook are currently two of hottest application development platforms today, so bringing the two together is a match made in heaven. People love their apps and nowhere are they better able to express these feelings than Facebook. The custom solutions designed for the App Store Facebook page allows fans to discover and share apps more easily than ever before.”

Along with Apple’s move to let you gift friends apps from iTunes, this marks a trend towards sharing apps and giving them some more of a social aspect.

There was a previous version of this by a US company called MPlayit. We can probably expect one of these for Android and Blackberry stores too soon.

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[via mobile ent biz]

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