Popjam – a Facebook app that hooks you up with randoms on chat

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Like a Chatroulette for Facebook chat, Popjam is a fun little app that relies on the spirit of random to connect you up with strangers. And let you exchange timeless words of wisdom, like those above..

Except unlike Chatroulette which opens up a live webcam, Facebook app Popjam opens up a chat box with another Popjam user. But it’s still full of the spirit of random. This is highly likely to be a complete stranger and could come from anywhere in the world. Though the user I ended up talking to, turned out to be a UK student.

Popjam shows up your first name and your profile picture then lets you chat. There were only 14 people online when I tried it, so this service may take a little time to warm up. It’s also not quite as smooth as Chatroulette, and when I was on, took quite a long time to connect up with other users. It also needs to make an alert noise otherwise when someone chats to you otherwise you won’t notice that you actually have connected to “Simon” and have been ignoring him for 5 minutes.

I guess this app makes Facebook a little more overt about being a massive dating site. What would be even better is if it selected people according to attributes you chose, you know, like being the UK or liking the Rocky Horror Show or something. But then it wouldn’t be random would it..?

Try out PopJam here (you have to sign in using Facebook connect)

NB Popjam the Facebook app grew out of failed LOL-sharing site also Popjam.com which worked as an aggregator of humourous things on the internet.

Anna Leach

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