Met Office release free weather app

The Met Office have just released an iPhone app – providing weather forecasts prescisely tuned to where you are using your phone.

The app is free, has got enthusiastic reviews and seems to be both well-made and user-friendly plus streaming the relatively high-quality forecasts of the Met Office. It uses your current location to give very location-specific forecasts, not just the weather but also wind speed plus the sunrise and set times. The information is also available on a map, or in a data format, where you can click through a cloud or rain map of the UK and move the cloud formations about as time passes on. Just like they do on TV!
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The Met do the weather forecasts for the BBC – though their contract has just come under question after the sunny BBQ summer they predicted failed to materialise, in people’s opinion anyway. Still, this app offers pretty good weather info for what you’re paying – ie. nothing.

The Met Office also have a presence on Twitter and you can download Met Office gadgets for Vista, Firefox and iGoogle.
See their website here
Met Office app free on iTunes

Anna Leach