Lib Dem voters have the most sex toys but what are they?

183 lib dem thumb.jpgLiberal Democrat voters are more likely to own sex toys than either Labour or Conservative voters in the UK. They are also more likely to be bisexual according to a story in the Telegraph which mapped sexual preferences with political preferences.

The Tele said:
Those kinky Lib Dems – a whopping 30 per cent own their very own sex toy, compared to just 22 and 24 per cent of Tory and Labour voters respectively. That said, three per cent of Conservatives “prefer not to say”, which is surely just being coy.

Sadly they didn’t state which particular products the Liberal democrats prefer, so using our imagination we’ve come up with a few:

1. The Rampant Green Energy Rabbit – like a rampant rabbit, but inspired by the Liberal Democrats’ environmental policy. It’s green and very energetic.

2. The NH-Squeel – like the Squeel from love honey, this is big and complicated as sex toys go but should make you feel better in the end. Based on the Lib Dem health policy.

3. The Transporildo – a dildo helping you “get” to your “destination” more quickly, a bit like Liberal Democrat transport policy.

Err.. that’s probably enough of that now…

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Anna Leach


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