Got an idea for an app? Try Sony Ericsson's new ideas site SE-dot

Have you ever been disappointed to find that there’s not an app for some things in life? That there are some things your phone can’t do? Whether it’s knowing where your friends are, wondering whether it’s safe to dive, or blocking phone calls from your boss at particular times, people usually have bright ideas for what they’d like their phone to be able to do.

Sony Ericsson hope to harness some of those suggestions in a new community site SE-dot which for once is a online community dedicated to general users rather than just developers.

SE say: “It’s nothing to do with technology but all about customer and users submitting creative ideas about how mobiles can make life better.”

There are techies on there- the app-making men (and women) who can offer to help out making stuff. It will be a useful ideas resource for developers too, helping them get ideas of what people want.

Though of course, not everything needs an app, as phones get more complex sometimes just a creative way of using a phone’s features could answer someone’s problem.

I like Sony Ericsson’s move to getting more user-generated feedback and content on their devices. It is in line with their Creations strategy which encourages people to use the SE devices to make media and generally “create” with. Users are a great resource and probably appreciate getting asked for their opinion.

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Anna Leach


  • I Got a Great App Idea, It's will save Lives. As far as I can see no has introduced such an app. Its fail safe & would be used by millions. shame I gotta go away for work for 6 months tomorrow. Any corraspondence can be directed to Attention :Steve adams c/o Lyndon house Orange NSW Aust. or email me at [email protected] & someone will pass the email on to me 

    • Just hoping (fingerzx) no one develops this app over the 6 months, whilst Im away on work.

  • How do they protect your idea? What if I had an idea for a really good App, then would they make all the money from it? and all I get is nothing? If I submit a really good App Idea to apple I get 70%, money talks. Thanks

  • Hey Anna, thanks for the post – glad you like Dot! We really hope people agree with you about generating user generated content. We love to hear from our consumers about what they want their mobiles to do. We’ve had over 100 suggestions so far and fingers crossed we’ll see lots more wacky and wonderful ideas!

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