EyeClock: the timepiece that looks at you

142 eye clock.jpgBy Natalie Davies

Mummy the clock is looking at me!

No, really, it is. But it’s hard not to love this cute eye-clock from Firebox. While the paranoid among you may find it a little disturbing to be watched by disembodied eyes nestled on the bedside table, the sleek design and “party pupils” can’t fail to win over kooky design fans.

The battery-operated timepiece uses a unique method of telling the time. While the left eye looks at the hour, the right eye checks out the minutes creating endless cross-eyed combinations, as if agreeing with you that yes it IS madness to get up at 7:30am but it’s a crazy world we live in and we all just have to do our best.

It’s not necessarily going to improve your punctuality and I’m not saying you can accurately boil a 3-minute egg by this but it sure beats the pants off all that boring big hand/little hand business.

Eye clock, £19.99 from Firebox

Anna Leach