Estate agents make an iPhone app

112 hamptons.jpgAn estate agency has become the first British company to make a search-for-a-property iPhone app. The app from Hamptons Estate Agents gives you access to their whole catalogue of properties in the UK (mainly London and South-East) and abroad. You may not be able to afford to the houses, but you can certainly afford the app – it’s free.

The app should make finding a property and finding information about it a bit easier: wander into an area you like, and instead of scanning the streets for For Sale or To Let signs, turn the app and it can use your current location to point up ones that might be round the corner or just out of sight.

The GPS search will also let you pull up details of a property you are standing in front of and show up the number you need to book a viewing – making the process much simpler and quicker.

You can also search by location name and postcode and save search preferences, presumably so only properties in the correct price bracket show up, for example. With the app it’s also possible to share information about the property immediately, via email.

Makes sense huh? Hope other estate agents follow them into the app store. Best of all would be an app that conglomerates properties from all estate agents, but not sure we’re going to see that in a hurry.

Anna Leach


  • Looks like a lot of agents are doing this now.

    I recently used an independent estate agent in Swansea called Swansea Property Agents whom were excellent.

    They mentioned that an app which will be free to download is something they are looking to bring in ASAP to help increase their coverage.

    If your in Swansea or nearby, then I recommend them

  • According to the estate agent who just valued my property, they will be “the first” non corporate estate agency to have their own iPhone app? To be released by mid May.
    Absolutely blinding agency, offering the cheapest fees etc. in the U.K. …Check them out

  • Mind you it is the first UK estates agency to release an app for their own properties. Gives them more control over the quality of marketing, I think.

    From what I can see the quality of the pictures is better than Rightmove which depends a lot more on grabbing property feeds from others.

    I wonder if any others will follow suit?

  • Exactly what I was about to say, I used the Rightmove app last year, very good it was too!

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