Ten TV programmes that we're looking forward to in 3D

34 3d tv.jpgWhile films like Avatar show how 3D effects can bring floating mountains, jungles and chasms to startling life, the 3D magic will be coming soon to the small screen and to decidedly less glamorous footage.

Television sets that show normal TV broadcasts in three-dimensons have just been unveiled at CES, and this opens up a whole new dimension to your average daytime tv rant show (literally, hha, sorry).

We’ve thought of ten programmes that we’re looking forward to seeing in 3d:

1. Dr Who – made to be turned 3d, special effects would look great with a bit of extra-dimensional enhancement

2. Any Nature documentary – the tiny snuffling nose of a lemur, a cut-away shot of a Scottish cliff- anything with landscapes or cute animals is going to look better in three dimensions.

3. Emerdale – the sheep will come right out of the screen at you.

4. The 9 o’clock news – G Brown’s rumpled craggy features will bulge right out of the TV with all the creases and wrinkles in startling detail.

5. Trisha – the beads of sweat trickling down the cheeks of the nervous participants will suddenly become even closer and more real.

6. Blue Peter – perhaps getting the craft-work demonstrations in 3d will make them easier to understand.

7. Come Dine With Me – or any food programme in 3d would really bring that flame-charred sirloin to full succulent life.

8. Strictly Come Dancing – the tutus will almost ruffle your face and Bruno’s wild hand gestures will cut through the sitting room. Side-shimmy around the sitting room and it will kind of be like you’re dancing with these screen greats.

9. MTV – do justice to Lady Gaga’s latest hair-do by seeing it in all its contours

10. Big Brother – an extra dimension will only make reality tv all the more real. And awful. I don’t think this is what the makers of 3D HD TVs had in mind when they were designing their technological masterpieces.

Anna Leach