RS 160 – Comfy new Wireless Headphones from Sennheiser

27 senn-rs-160 thumb.jpgHigh-end German audio-gear makers Sennheiser have just released some digital wireless headphones, RS 160s. I love the idea of wireless headphones and if you’re going to get some, the Sennheiser digital ones are likely to be some of the best sets on the market.

In the wireless world, you can lie on your bed, wearing your headphones and listening to music without having to be plugged into your laptop or have noise blaring out for your speakers. I for one would appreciate this. On a regular basis, I stand up after working at the computer then the headphones get yanked out of the laptop, the music stops and it’s all fairly traumatic.

Of course, you could just have your ipod in your pocket, but you what if it’s in your handbag and the battery’s dead eh?

Anyway, what we’re saying is: if you think you want wireless headphones in your life, consider the digital RS 160s. Sennheiser’s new wireless headphones are digital – an update on its analogue predecessors. The RS 160 has a tiny transmitter that can come with you anywhere, so you can attach it to your laptop or mp3 player and the range is 20m.

The sound is described as detailed with powerful bass. The transmitter has a diameter of only 9.7 centimetres and can be powered by AA batteries with a 24hr battery life.

When connected to an MP3 player or mobile phone it fits easily into a backpack, which means that the headphones can be used whether at home or out and about.

The RS 160 costs £139.99 – get them here

Anna Leach

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