Say Hello! to the new Hello Kitty song – music video and game teaser from Sanrio

Hello Kitty has released a new music video for its furry heroine. The new video/trailer plays what is described as a “fabulous catchy tune” and shows a snippet of gameplay from Hello Kitty Online – the Multi-Player online game.

It’s upbeat, cheery pop, a shortened version of the new HKO song “The World is Saying Hello” by The Sanrio Digital Frequency. Tantalisingly the full tune (and something a little extra) is available online somewhere in the game, so you’ll have to log in to HKO to hear the full version. Hint: you’ll hear the full song in one of the places seen in the video.

Enthusiastic Youtube comments include: “must find full song new life goal in progress”. My favourite bit is the telephone chat at the beginning, that’s how I’m going to start all telephone conversations with my friends from now on.

Watch below. Be happy. Say hello.

Anna Leach


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