Wii Dumbbells that won't disturb the sitting room's feng shui?

Yes it’s a Wii Accessory but does it match your sofa? Or does it at least fit behind the sofa so you don’t have to look at a mound of tilt-sensitive plastic when you have you some people over for drinks?

It’s a pertinent challenge for game accessory makers especially for Wii ones which tend to hang around the sitting room where the console and TV are. One company I talked to that were specifically making wii accessories with a low-impact on the sitting room is RiiFlex. As far as they’re concerned the weighted wiimotes they make are good-looking, easy-to-store and practical for the sitting room as well as all the usual aerobically tested stuff.

Their Wii Dumbell accessories are smaller and a little more ergonomic than the other models I’ve seen. Something to bear in mind. They look a bit like ninja turtles as well.

95 riiflex 2.jpg

RiiFlex Dumbbell for Wii, £24.99

Anna Leach