CES 2010: Vuzix Augmented Reality visor – w00t!

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Brilliant! It’s finally arrived: an augmented reality visor. Thanks to the clever people at Vuzix. and their Wrap 920AR we will now be able to gaze out at the world and see it overlaid or ‘augmented’ with computer generated graphics.

Maps on streets, reviews on shops, facebook profiles on people… this is the sort of thing that augmented reality promises and that Vuzix’s Augmented Reality Wrap Video Eyewear could bring to everyday life. Provided you don’t mind going around with giant black plastic spectacles on.

The Wrap 920AR gives you a real-time video feed that shows you what’s in front of you while seamlessly mixing it with computer-generated imagery.

Vuzix explains: “users can view the real-world environment and computer-generated imagery seamlessly mixed together; allowing video game characters to jump out of the TV and come to life in your living room, or magazines and books with animated links back to the web in real time.”

Vuzix brought us Video eyewear in Nov 09 – “eye-wrap” gear looking a bit like sunglasses which lets you view films and video on the inside screen, giving the effect of watching a widescreen TV. These guys are pretty exciting.

Likely price: $799.99
Expected availability for the Wrap 920AR is Spring 2010, more here: www.vuzix.com.

Anna Leach

One thought on “CES 2010: Vuzix Augmented Reality visor – w00t!

  • Wow, $800 for seeing with a resoution of 1504×480 pixels! That’s almost 0.8 megapixels!
    And I’m sure it will have over THREE different applications!

    Seriously, It won’t work until the screen resolution gets even better, the glasses get smaller, the CGI gets photorealistic, the price gets under $100 and somebody finds a real use for these things (I can imagine Virtual Reality games, but who wants Augmented Reality?)

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