CES 2010: Motorola's Backflip the phone that folds back on itself

ces 3-2 Motus_L_video (2).jpgI get excited by pull-out keyboards, so a phone which has a keyboard that not only pulls out but flips back on itself could keep me occupied for hours. Before I even turn it on.

Motorola explain the thought behind the flip:”the truly original design allows BACKFLIP to create new ways to enjoy photos, music and more. In the reverse-flip, tabletop mode, listen to music or view videos hands free. The digital picture frame mode lets you show off your latest adventures. You can even turn BACKFLIP into a bedside alarm clock for your morning wake up call.”

But though this hinge technology is pretty fun and gives the silver and black Backflip its name, it’s what’s inside that’s exciting here: an Android OS with the Motorblur user-interface bolted on. I’m a fan of Motoblur – it’s a social networker’s dream and creates a mash-up feed of updates from Facebook, Twitter, email and native apps like the calendar and text messages. A little bit hyperactive in fact.

Motorola has jumped on the Android bandwagon, producing big-hitting smartphones on Android like the Droid, the Dext and the Milestone. It’s a tactic that could pay off. I’m looking forward to getting hands-on with the Blackflip, not least just operating that flip mechanism.

Motorola Backflip will be available Spring 2010.

Anna Leach